Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Life In Monochrome

Written on a train ride heading up to Y not festival last August, most of the lyrics for the album arrived at once and from there the idea of making my own record began to take shape....

The album was conceived and written to a backdrop of incredible change. In the space of six months my life had shed one skin for another; the breakdown and ending of a six year relationship, the beginning of another which led to marriage after three months, a journey to Israel and then moving to Paris to record it all in the form of my own album.

I suggested to my friend and then flat-mate, producer/ songwriter Dean Reid if he'd be interested in helping me record. We'd talked a lot over the past year and half about making music together and i was intrigued by his relaxed Californian style and the quality of his recordings and songwriting. I managed to track down a small, intimate and affordable studio in Paris, through friends we (mystery Jets) had made over the years in the beautiful city. One man in particular helped me turn my teenage dream of living in Paris and an urgent need to express some of my inner experiences, into reality- Herve Carvalho, DJ, promoter and general Parisian fixer and now close friend, who gave up the apartment he shares with his charming girlfriend to accommodate Dean, myself and an array of friends and musicians who came out to play.

I hope that some of the magic that came in the process of creating this record, finds a way of permeating your being.


Kai's first solo album - "Life in Monochrome" is out on September 26th 2011. You can Pre order it here

Kai Fish and the Light Play August 3rd 2011 at 'St Pancras Old Church', London.

TIckets are available here